Bill Willis Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is named in honor of long-time volunteer, Bill Willis. From 1986-2011, Bill served as a house leader, board member, mentor and friend. He trained many house leaders and was instrumental in making our affiliate the success it is today. Prior to his death in 2012, Bill named Habitat for Humanity - Coosa Valley as a the beneficiary of a significant portion of his estate.

The Bill Willis Legacy Society is an exclusive membership of forward-thinking supporters who have chosen to make a planned gift to Habitat for Humanity - Coosa Valley through their estate plan. Members of the Society understand that planned gifts help to ensure the sustainabitlity of the Habitat mission to provide affordable home ownership for generations to come.

Planned gifts can be as simple as assigning a specific amount of money or a certain percentage of an estate. This can include insurance policies, IRAs, charitable reminder trusts, charitable gift annuities and similar instruments. Gifts may also provide tax benefits to the donor.

Contact Betsy Allgood, Executive Director at 706-378-0030  to discuss further a planned gift to Habitat for Humanity-Coosa Valley.